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Aside from obvious concerns, domestic violence can have numerous legal ramifications. In addition to the possibility of criminal charges, domestic violence can also impact divorce and family law, if it takes place between spouses or romantic partners, or when it involves children.

Over the years, our legal system has instituted harsher consequences for domestic violence cases in order to better protect victims and hold offenders accountable. While this means that there are more avenues to help victims assert their rights and gain needed protections, it also means that allegations have the potential to create a chain reaction of consequences for the accused, and rights for the victim.

How Domestic Violence Can Impact Divorce & Family Law

Domestic violence can greatly impact divorce and family law proceedings. By addressing these issues with the assistance of a family lawyer, you can better understand your rights as a victim or as the accused during various proceedings, including:

  • A Louisiana law passed in 2014 allows for immediate divorces when there has been physical or sexual abuse against a spouse or child, regardless of whether the spouse was prosecuted for the act of abuse. That law also impacts custody and support in cases involving physical and sexual abuse.
  • Louisiana’s Post-Separation Violence Relief Act (PSFVRA) provides relief to victims of family violence and domestic violence. It provides for an award of sole custody, the imposition of supervised visitation and the denial of any visitation depending on the extent of the abuse.
  • Also known as a “protective order” or “restraining order”, an order of protection is designed to prevent abuse by granting temporary child custody, temporary support, or use of property, such as a home or car. These orders are only in place for a limited amount of time, and can greatly impact the trajectory of a family law case.

Our New Orleans family law attorneys at Lowe, Stein, Hoffman, Allweiss & Hauver L.L.P work closely with clients who have domestic violence concerns involved in their divorce and child custody proceedings. We also provide support and representation in matters involving restraining orders. In addition to having the necessary breadth of knowledge to effectively handle domestic violence matters, our team is focused on providing the highest quality representation.

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