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Lowe, Stein, Hoffman, Allweiss & Hauver LLP employs a diverse approach to our practice. Our New Orleans lawyers benefit from having a widespread, comprehensive knowledge of many different areas, giving them an advantage over lawyers who are only well-versed in a single area. We are heavily focused on business law, family law, and insurance defense, and we are fully capable of handling even the most complex cases. We also have extensive experience in handling divorces, custody, tax law, estate planning, corporate torts and nearly all types of civil litigation.

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Though our lawyers practice in New Orleans, we are able to help clients virtually anywhere in the country. However, this doesn't mean that we charge world-class prices; our rates stay the same no matter whom we serve. Our New Orleans attorneys have a wealth of knowledge and have been helping clients for over 40 years.

We are ready to help you navigate through your case and provide a personalized solution to your legal matter. Because we are devoted to serving our clients, we encourage you to reach out to us and tell us the details of your situation during a case evaluation. After we connect with you and help you become aware of all of your options, we can create a plan of action together and move forward.

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