Effective December 31, 2022, Lowe, Stein, Hoffman, Allweiss & Hauver, LLP will cease operations as a law firm and will go into a voluntary liquidation. The dissolution and liquidation are amicable. We have practiced together for 35 years. Some of us are staying in our current offices, some are retiring, and some are moving offices. After December 31, 2022, LSHAH will wind up its affairs, including sending bills, collecting receivables, paying its creditors, and all other activities necessary to liquidate LSHAH. You may contact Kevin Randazzo at (504) 581-2450, or the lawyer handling your file with any questions concerning a file, your account with LSHAH, or if you need additional information.

Effective January 1, 2023, Bob Lowe and Mark Stein will be practicing together at Lowe Stein, LLC, along with Paula Lee and Melanie Lockett. Max J. Cohen and Gregory Marsiglia will be Of Counsel. Lowe Stein, LLC, will continue at our present location, 701 Poydras Street, Suite 3600, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70139.

New Orleans Appeals Lawyers

Appellate Representation from a Trusted Team

Appellate advocacy is not only about addressing another phase in a lawsuit’s life. In fact, it starts long before the notice of appeal is filed. Including an appellate perspective while a case is pending in the trial court has been an important part of Lowe Stein, LLC’s litigation success.

Because Lowe Stein, LLC’s lawyers focus on both trial and appellate advocacy, we craft pretrial motions, jury instructions, and post-trial motions to identify and analyze issues most likely to arise on appeal. We develop strategies for preserving these issues, generating a record in the trial court that will most effectively support the client’s position in the event of an appeal.

Our New Orleans appellate attorneys can help you appeal a case related to:

Lowe Stein, LLC's New Orleans appeals lawyers have aggressively represented individuals and businesses at all levels of state and federal appellate courts throughout the country for more than 40 years. When litigation is necessary, our goal is to prevail in the trial court.

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