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A divorce can be a long, expensive, and emotionally draining process. However, if you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse are still able to communicate in an amicable and respectful manner, then you should finalize your divorce through mediation instead of court litigation.

At Lowe, Stein, Hoffman, Allweiss & Hauver L.L.P., we are dedicated to helping you resolve your divorce proceedings in a quick and stress-free manner. With more than 40 years of experience, our New Orleans divorce lawyers have an extensive knowledge of Louisiana divorce laws to navigate through any possible complexities of your case.

Benefits of Mediation

During the mediation process, each party will meet with a professional mediator to determine a mutual agreement regarding a variety of divorce issues, such as property division, spousal support, as well as child custody and support. Both sides have the opportunity to discuss these concerns, clear up any disagreements and decide on a divorce settlement that benefits both parties.

The following are the benefits of mediation:

  • Saves money compared to court litigation
  • Faster process than court litigation
  • Gives you the chance to determine a creative outcome
  • Address issues that court cannot
  • Preserve your relationship with your spouse and know you two can work together, especially when children are involved.

Have Our New Orleans Divorce Lawyer on Your Side

If you are preparing for divorce, think about the advantages of using a mediator and determine if it is appropriate for your circumstances. Our family law legal team in New Orleans can represent your specific needs and interests either during the mediation process or after for a review of the agreement prior to being signed.

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